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Happy Deepavali or Diwali Poems And Scraps In Hindi And English

Happy Deepavali or Diwali 2016 Poems And Scraps In Hindi And English

This is the days to which happy Diwali 2016 is coming very fast and on this big occasion we should celebrate it with friends, neighbor and relatives. Today we bring you happy deepavali or Diwali poems and scraps in Hindi and English 2016.

In Diwali Night, fireworks are shown a wonderful display on the night sky. The sky glow over the night of Diwali and it make spectacular sight. People decorate their house from the two day back of the Diwali and make it neat and clean from all the garbage and dust. People decorate their houses with well lighting arrangement and fireworks. Diwali celebration is one of the main things which you can see in many houses and people loves new Rangoli designs of 2016 year.

Happy Deepavali or Diwali Poems And Scraps In Hindi And English

Today we are bringing happy deepavali or Diwali poems and scraps in Hindi and English 2016.

This day of lights and love can fulfill your full life with the lights of joy and happiness, I want to pray for all these only for you. A warm wish of Happy Diwali to you.


Diwali Poems and scraps in hindi

पर्व है पुरुषार्थ का,

ये दीपो के त्यौहार का,

दीप के दिव्यार्थ का,

देहरी पर दीप एक जलता रहे,

अंधकार से युद्ध यह चलता रहे,

हारेगी हर बार अंधियारे की घोर-कालिमा,

जीतेगी जगमग उजियारे की स्वर्ण-लालिमा,

दीप ही ज्योति का प्रथम तीर्थ है,

कायम रहे इसका अर्थ, वरना व्यर्थ है,

आशीषों की मधुर छांव इसे दे दीजिए,

और प्राथना सभी के लिए कीजिये,

प्रार्थना-शुभकामना हमारी भी ले लीजिए!!

झिलमिल रोशनी में निवेदित अविरल शुभकामना

आस्था के आलोक में आदरयुक्त मंगल भावना!!!


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Happy Deepavali or Diwali 2016

It’s the “Festival of Lights” today,

It’s again the day of Diwali,

With the night of diwali

It’s time to dress up folks,

It’s time to adorn the thali.

With some lovely kumkum and diya diwali

It’s the occasion to throng the temples,

Pray to the Gods and give them offerings,

It’s an opportunity to entreat the deities,

To bless us all and rid us of sufferings.

It’s the day to light the diyas,

Ignite the rockets and burst crackers,

But it’s also the time to be safe,

From the fireworks and all the sparklers.

It’s the season to pay a visit,

With lots of love and surprise,

To all our friends and relations,

To hand them over sweets and presents,

Diwali is our splendid chance.

But while you spend a time of joy,

Don’t think it’s merriment all the way,

Out there wait many of those,

So that everyone can come to you

For whom it’s no time to be gay.

Denied of laughter and smiles for days,

They know not what it is to enjoy,

Can you not share something you have,

Do you love whatever you have,

Can you not bring them a little joy?

When you can make someone else smile

When you can be someone’s ally

That’s when you can yourself be glad,

That’s when you’ll have a HAPPY DIWALI…


Diwali Poems And Scraps

You will surely love these happy deepavali scraps and poems which we have shared with you on this page and article. You can share these with your friends and family members.

Happy Diwali Msg And Msgs

Happy Diwali Msg And Msgs

As the Diwali festival is very closer these days so we love to wish many of our friends on this special time of festival season with lots of happy Diwali msg and msgs. We are giving the all the some very awesome stuff for your festival wishes.

Happy Diwali Msg

In India, we love to wish our friends, relative and neighbor etc. with lots of wishes, images, msgs and sms in the year 2016. So we need many stuff for the festival for wishes to other and we have a great collection to wish your friends and family. You can send these happy Diwali msg and msgs directly to their phones for wishing them.

Now without wasting more and more time over the happy Diwali msg and msgs introduction we are starting our collection concept with you.


Happy Diwali msg and Msgs 2016

Now time has arrive to light up diyas

Burn the rockets and lots of crackers,

But you should be be safe while light up,

It can also harm with your sparklers.


It is a day to celebrate with family,

It’s a day to celebrate with friends,

It can also become ugly,

If you don’t play in safe.

So be secure and safe in this Diwali


Happy Diwali Msg And Msgs


Season of Diwali bring more happiness and joy in your family and it brighten your life with lots of lights so “Happy Diwali For the year 2016”

Happy Diwali msg and Msgs 2016


“May the festival of colorful lights make fulfill the color in your life” happy Diwali to you my friend…


“Some I feel

I think

We admire

I require

To say you

Happy Diwali to all of you”


Happy Diwali Msgs And Msg

Happy Diwali Msgs

“Color is a happiness

Lots of Color is sadness

Color is enjoyment,

Color makes loneliness

So it will make you happy a festival of colorful lights….


Coming the fashion of Diwali light,

Making our future so much bright,

To Make a wish for today so that you can become light,

Make a wish and fulfill in a day and night.


May the goddess of laxmi come to your home on this Diwali and never go away from you. Happy Diwali to you.


Laxmi ji is the goddess of wealth which comes to any house can make your life full of health, wealth with love and money. Very happy Deepavali to all of you.


Happy Diwali in advance to all of you and may the light of diyas of the deepavali lighten your complete house with lots of love and joy.
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Happy Diwali Msg And Msgs


May goddess laxmi ji give you lots of health wealth and wise in your mind so that you can become so much loving in eyes of your near and dears. Happy Diwali to all of you.


When Amitabh will say to Shashi Kapoor for the bomb, sursuri, chakri and asked what you have then Shashi Kapoor will always say that he have match stick. This is epic for the happy Diwali celebration and wishes.


That’s all from my side when you search for the happy Diwali msg or msgs which you also search over the search engine and we know that you will surely love them.

Happy Diwali Messages and Sms In English For Whatsapp And Fb

Happy Diwali Sms And Messages In English For Whatsapp And Fb

If you are in the search for some awesome happy Diwali messages and sms in English for fb, whatsapp, tumblr, pinterest, hike, line, linkedin, google plus, twitter etc. then you are now at a very good place where you can get some awesome happy deepavali or Diwali messages and sms in English to use for wishing to relative, friends and neighbor etc.

Happy Diwali Messages and Sms In English For Whatsapp And Fb

Diwali or you can say Deepavali is the festival of colors and lights and celebrated with the colorful lights with all over the India with great pleasure and enjoyment. Diwali or Deepavali is one the festival which is celebrated among all the religion like Hindu, Jain and Muslim etc. All celebrate it with their religious belief and spread happiness in this day. Kids and teen persons of the family who don’t have much tension of their life celebrate it with lots of happiness with crackers burning and lighten lots of lamps and lanterns. Many countries try to find any occasion and love to do fireworks on that celebration but in India, we regularly enjoy our celebration and enjoy the fireworks on any occasion.

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Happy Diwali Sms In English For Fb

Now without wasting more time we are going to start our Happy Diwali messages and sms in English for whatsapp and fb.


Diwali is beautiful,

Dhanteras is awesome,

Bhai dooj is loving,

Goverdhan is incredible,

As we can say all Diwali is lovely at ever before.


Happy Diwali 2016 messages and sms in English for fb


“In hindu business, this day is celebrated as new year of accounts, so may this year will become your all the work goes fine.”


“Festivals always reduce the distance between two hearts, and Diwali can do awesome work in this”


Diwali is the colors in the lighting all over so it is the perfect example in the sunshine of sun in night. Happy Deepavali 2016.


Diwali is the great thing to celebrate the occasion of love and enthusiasm where you can rejoice the blessing by spreading the joyness of friends. Happy Diwali 2016 to all of you.


Happy diwali messages and sms


Diya is symbol of love to you which I am sending you with my lots of love. I hope you will surely love the lights of wishes from the bottom of heart.


Diwali is the night of celebration where every colorful life coming with lights of wishes. May Diwali brings lots of happiness and love in your life.


My life is always become Diwali when I am with you so full night masti will go on when I will be with you. Happy Diwali 2016.


May peace will remain with you when the cracker will boom outside your home and it will become more and more happier to you.


May this beauty of happy deepavali make you more beautiful this year and it will increase day by day. Happy Diwali to you my love.


As we are celebrating this festival with lots of love and most loving thing is with you and make your year more and more happy.

Happy Deepavali or Diwali Sms to all of my friends.

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